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Students and teachers.

Carola Armano

"It was so easy to get everything I needed from STAC. Some friends of mine had a lot of trouble arranging their classes and accomodations, but for me it was all smooth. I will recommend them if any of my friends wants to go back to the UK."

Gloria Pawson

"The system of STAC is great at connecting teachers who want to teach with students who want to learn. I got a lot of work from them. They do know how to match students and courses perfectly."

Aleesa al Gorad

"I had always had this dream of going to Scotland, I can't tell why, it was something in my heart that I really wanted to do, but I never thought it could actually happen. And then I found SATC, and two months later I was in Edinburgh."


Learn English faster than you imagined

Are you looking for the best English courses in the world? Do you want to master the new universal language? Are you already aware of the great importance of being fluent in English to succeed in your professinal career and open up the doors to lots of life opportunities?

If the answer to those questions is yes, you have just arrived to the first stop in your journey into a greater proficiency on the English language.

It is highly probable that, at this point in your life, you have attended some sort of English class. Our language is everywhere, and for good reason. It allows people from different worlds -geograohically, culturally, ideologically, psychologically- to share their thoughts and to build things together. Through English, Humanity will be more and more connected, working as a whole to solve our problems and live our lives. Come on board the English language and be a part of this global event. We are waiting for you. We always have a free spot.


Courses and accomodation in the United Kingdom

Natural learning is the best way to gain proficiency in any language. What is natural learning, you may ask? It is the way every person learns their first language: by immersion with native speakers. You get surounded by the language, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You continuously listen to and read words in that language, even before you can grasp their meaning. In time, your brain learns how to process all those stimuli and make sense of them. That is how you acquire proficiency in a new language.

In the Students Tours and Courses, we support natural learning as the best way to gain English skills. Therefore, if you want to learn perfect English, you must suround yourself in a British environment. Come to the United Kingdom and be a part of our community. Live our lives, speak with our people, experience the very soul of the British. Because language is not just a language, it is culture and it reflects hundreds of years of history and customs. That is what we mean when we say natural learning.

We arrange English courses and tours in the United Kingdom, to provide a natural learning experience for students from all corners of the world. As we are a complete service oriented to students, we also offer accomodation in convenient locations near your courses, and even get you special discounts for your stay. Save money and optimize your logistics with the Students Tours and Courses.

Come to the United Kingdom now!

Our kingdom is a beautiful place, full of history and culture. Come and get to know us. Contact the Students Tours and Courses and tell us your interest in the English language. We will find the right package of accomodation and courses for you. Soon than you can imagine, you will be sitting on a plane, on your way to the United Kingdom! Dare to dream, now you are closer to your goals than you have ever been.